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Take a minute to get to know our founders... 

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grew up in Los Angeles where she was always surrounded by the arts. She spent much of her childhood on movie sets and was aspired to recreate the magic of movie making. At 18 she moved to New York City, where her love for the arts expanded to include acting and painting. Anika studied at Sarah Lawrence College, The American University of Paris, and the American Film Institute. After spending time abroad, Anika returned to New York to work as an actor. While working in a number of  independent films, she re-discovered the art of film making; a medium she felt integrated all the things that she loved into a single creative expression. As a classically trained painter Anika became excited to trade her paintbrushes for a camera and bring her visual aesthetic to a new medium. 


In between films, Anika pursued her passion for design. She has collaborated with her mother on interior design projects, designed a line of drapery panels for Florio Collection and designed jewelry for her own line called Brooks Poitier. Anika’s desire for an eco-friendly and non-toxic lifestyle has inspired her latest design endeavors including co-creating ASP & Co.

Anika Poitier


is an artist working out of Los Angeles. Growing up in India

she was immersed in the incredible beauty of her country. Art and creative expression were at the core of Kaveri’s upbringing. Her parents often hosted and celebrated Indian and international musicians and artists in their home. At the age of seventeen, her father sent her to Europe to study art where she learned all she could of the masters. This merging of both eastern and westerns traditions has become the common thread that runs throughout her artistic endeavors. Kaveri’s love of pattern and design has led her to work in different mediums such as textiles, glass and ceramics. Kaveri has worked with leading interior designers from around the world and her work can be seen at Historic estates such as The Greer Mansion, The Brody House and the Dominguez Wilshire restoration for the Los Angeles Conservancy. Most recently, Kaveri created one of her most significant works – 9000 sq. ft of sacred murals depicting the life of Lord Buddha. The murals line the main meditation hall of a sacred temple in Sarnath, India, where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon. Given Kaveri’s innate mixing of styles and traditions, along with her desire for harmony and beauty, co-creating ASP & Company was an organic next step

Kaveri Singh


is an LA based entrepreneur who works in the field of interior design. For over 25 years, she has been deeply involved in the creative aspect of design. She has brought many Interior Designers’ vision to life, be it drapes,  bedding, pillows, embroidery or furniture. Her love for textiles, textures and shapes is shared in her love of Painting, Music and Art. In this pursuit, she co-founded Iguana Gallery, dedicated to promoting Latin American artists. She believes that art has the power to bring people together and create lasting bonds. Rosario has served as Cultural Advisor to the Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles, California. She volunteered at several charities, including Casa Las Amigas and International Children Institute. She continues to contribute her time in an effort to create a positive impact within the community. The intimate relationship she has with design and community prompted her to collaborate with her partners in co-creating ASP & Company.

Rosario Vigil


Los Angeles based Interior Designer, Joanna Shimkus Poitier’s aesthetic lies in elegant and accessible designs. Joanna’s signature style, which has been described as “Old Hollywood with a European Flare”, is greatly influenced by her extensive travel during her time as an actress and model. As an actress, she worked with such legends as Jean Luc Godard, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Sidney Poitier, who she later married. Joanna has dedicated her life to creating a beautiful and holistic environment for her

family. Through ASP & Company, she continues to contribute to design in a way that she hopes will inspire positivity and joy, not only in peoples’ homes but also in their lives.

Joanna Shimkus Poitier

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