Madala Sun Towel Set

  • Sourced from weavers in Southern India, these towels are soft and feel gentle on the skin.  Made from high quality woven 100% cotton, these towels are considered to be extremely hygienic and non-abrasive, leaving the skin and hair unharmed. One of our favorite details about these towels is the thin line woven through the edges; adding an unexpected pop of color to this otherwise pristine white towel. 

    Through our collection, we’ve tried to combine the practical with the artistic. 


    Set of three towels:

    Beach Towel Size:  34 inches (w) x 65 (h) inches

    Bath Towel Size:  29 inches (w) x 59 (h) inches

    Hand Towel Size:  15 inches (w) x 22 (h) inches


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